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381348_10150571923890070_476388340_nI have always been around wood working.  My father was an architect and carpenter.  As a child  I frequently assisted him with home improvement projects.  He also built amazing wooden models – boats, architectural models and even a tri-plane.

After college I started building jewelry boxes that my wife and I sold at craft shows. Then an interesting trend in my life began in 2002.  After having been a professional bass player for 20 years,  I decided I wanted a fretless bass.  Fretless basses were high-end special order items at all the local music stores, so I decided to build one for myself.  I built a five string fretless out of ebony, curly black walnut, and American holly which turned out beautifully.  Upon seeing my work, a friend  asked me to build him an  electric guitar so I knew there was some substance to my efforts.  The  trend moved to a new level in 2005 when a good  friend commissioned me to learn how to build acoustic guitars.  I had never built one, but soon found William Cumpiano’s magnificent book Guitarmaking and set off building acoustics.

In 2008, I  started to teach a class for U.S. Guitar Kits at Woodcraft.  Then, early in 2012 my  wife  and I built a 500 sq foot shop in our back yard.  When the new shop was completed, I left my  day   job working on an audio-visual installation team to become a full-time Luthier.  I continue honing  my craft of building acoustic and electric guitars and basses.  My most enjoyable days in the shop are when I have the opportunity to carve braces, fret necks and tap-tune soundboards.

I am truly blessed to be able to live the dream of pursuing my passion. I love building beautiful instruments that have stellar sound quality and delivering them into the hands of those who have a passion for music.  Feel free to contact me – even if you’re not sure how your new guitar could become a reality for you.  We can talk about different ways to make this to happen for you.


Paul Slingerland


Slingerland Guitars